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"You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can't get them across, your ideas won't get you anywhere"
     - Lee Iacocca
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Vision into Reality

The majority of our clients come to us with an idea of what they want, but no idea of how to get there. Sit back and relax, as well take you through the journey of creating your website. Through some simple but accurate steps, we can discover your vision and turn it into reality.

The Process:
  1. A compelling & inspiring vision of the end result.
    Romeo Web Design has a “visioning process” that helps to transfer IDEAS from the customer mind’s eye into the physical realm.

  2. A workable plan outlining implementation of each step of the project.
    After our first "Discover Meeting" we will go to the drawing board and put together your ideas in a graphical format, that you will then be able to visually see and comment on. At this stage, the customer is able to see what they like and don't like and we can re-work the graphical design until the customer is satisfied.

  3. Continuous flow of communication.
    The discovery process continues long after the initial meetings are over. Throughout the project Romeo Web Design will continue to clarify important details, reveal critical issues and ensure mutual understanding of all intentions. Our team is ONE UNITED VOICE which ensures consistency in quality control and product delivery.

  4. Follow-up and implementation.
    Romeo Web Design will not rest until your website is functioning at optimal levels which includes educating you on the operation of it. Our Customer Training Program will leave you feeling EMPOWERED.

  5. Trust and Leadership
    Romeo Web Design believes in building long lasting relationships based on Trust, using our well rounded skills to help guide our customers smoothly toward their goals.

Sincerely committed to your vision…
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what clients are saying...
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what clients are saying...
"I appreciate that I've had to do very little, yet my site looks very professional."
Abbotsford BC Canada
Pam Stadnik
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